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Looking for a leading divorce lawyers Guildford? Then look no further...

Looking for a leading divorce lawyers Guildford? Then look no further...

If you are considering a divorce it is absolutely essential you have access to outstanding legal advice and, as leading divorce lawyers Guildford, here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we pride ourselves on providing you with up to date and easy to understand legal advice. We use our own unique legal and psychological approach to gain an in depth analysis of your situation, enabling us to fully understand your dispute and be best placed to help advise you on the way forward.

We understand just how difficult divorce can be and how you may feel completely overwhelmed and confused when facing this new and potentially unexpected future. We also appreciate that it is to be expected for you to find yourself experiencing many new and unfamiliar emotions whilst going through the process of resolving your separation or divorce. One of the most common emotions we see people dealing with is the fear of uncertainty for the future, but rest assured we are here to help you navigate your way through the process as smoothly as possible. We also understand just how apprehensive and concerned people can be when faced with having to deal with lawyers, judges and the legal system, of which the majority of people will have had no previous experience of dealing with, and we understand just how unfamiliar and daunting the whole process will be to people. As experienced, friendly and reputable divorce lawyers in Guildford, it is our priority to put you at ease with your situation and ensure you make the best decisions for you and your family. We will be with you every step of the way and help guide and advise you throughout the process. We are here to allay any fears you may have and also to answer any of your questions, we will also ensure you know all options open to you before you have to make any legally binding decisions.

For many people going through a separation or divorce can actually be a positive, empowering experience, full of self growth and change and a real chance to develop into a new person post relationship, but for others it can seem completely bewildering, frightening and even terrifying. Most people certainly report this as a time of tremendous stress, disruption, chaos and uncertainty. Don't panic! - With our own unique legal and psychological approach from our incredibly knowledgeable and professional team, we will work with you to help alleviate all of your concerns and guide you towards a satisfactory conclusion. We are always on hand to help you navigate through your process and will always explain everything to you in easy to understand language and terms and make sure you are fully aware of ALL options open to you at every step of the way. You will never have to make a decision without all the ramifications of that decision, maybe not now maybe years down the road, fully explained to you so you know exactly where you stand and any legal obligations you may be liable for.

Starting with mediation we will discuss all aspects of your separation or divorce and advise you, with a view to reducing conflict between you and enabling your family to stay in control of arrangements over children, property and finance, instead of handing it over to courts, where it will be out of your control.

When we look to mediation we always ensure that YOU will be making your arrangements to suit your own personal and individual family circumstances. The main things couples usually need to discuss are:

How best to divide properties and assets.
Arranging finances between you and allocating any debts etc.
Negotiating any pension rights.
If there are children - discussing their living and day to day arrangements, plus how to co-parent effectively and amicably.
The best way to move forward fom here

Mediation can be a much gentler, kinder, quicker and more cost-effective way to settle things than heading straight off to divorce courts in the UK. It can also help your post divorce relationship as we will help equip you both with the skills and techniques required to enable you both to communicate effectively with each other, both now whilst going through a divorce and also afterwards, especially where there are children involved and thus a need to communicate into the future.

We do appreciate that in a small number of cases mediation will be unsuccessful. Sometimes one partner will refuse to attend (not advisable and usually looked on unfavorably in the courts) , or be deliberately obstructive and devisive and in these cases the only way forward is to pursue the case through the courts. We can help if this is your situation and will be able to help you with the next stages to take.

As leading divorce lawyers Guildford we are on hand to help and advise you on all aspects of both the legal and financial issues of separation and divorce, along with issues such as cohabitation, child welfare, leave to remove (also known as LTR or child relocation cases) and adoption. Rest assured as pre-eminent divorce lawyers Guildford you are in the very best hands.

Whatever situation you are currently contending with, it’s reassuring to know you’ve got the very best in legal expertise, combined with psychological understanding, to maximise your chances of a successful outcome, whether that be in reaching agreements, mediation, or litigation and supporting you throughout the process.

Whatever your query or concern, we are here to help and with our expertise as divorce lawyer Guildford, you can count on us to help you reach a conclusion.

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