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Early Dispute Resolution

At Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, we are unique in offering an early dispute resolution service by addressing family disputes, including divorce, before they progress into the arena of mediation or litigation which, in themselves, are likely to have a considerable negative emotional and financial impact on both parties.

By addressing your dispute at an early stage through our combined legal and psychological approach, we stand an excellent chance of achieving a consensual resolution between you and your spouse/partner.

In addition, by helping you understand the development and impact of the dispute, we can help mitigate unproductive animosity and the forming of possible rigid adversarial positions.  If this approach is implemented early enough, it can entirely bypass the need for mediation or litigation and assist in the preservation of goodwill by ensuring that communication around the breakup remains constructive. By doing so, the chances of reaching a consensual resolution in relation to the separation, divorce and/or finances are thereby maximised.

We also aim to strategically improve communication between you and your spouse/partner by analysing and changing communication styles which may have inadvertently contributed or been compounded your dispute. By taking such an approach, we aim to reduce the significant emotional upset which typically accompanies mediation and litigation around the family breakup.

In the unfortunate event that mediation or litigation is still necessary, the strategy adopted in our early dispute resolution advice will significantly enhance your case and its presentation in mediation or litigation.  We also recognise the importance of improving communication between the parties for when litigation has ended. 

We are unique in offering this collaborative service which aims to support you and all members of your family by achieving a consensual agreement with the minimum of cost and stress.

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