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My previous career as a partner in commercial law taught me that clients demand a multi-disciplinary skill set: clients understood that no single lawyer had the expertise to advise on all the issues a case involves.

Commercial clients expected their lawyers to practise on the basis that the lawyers were there for their convenience, at times convenient to them, not the other way round. They also expected their lawyers to offer a “can do” approach, in which they formulated and took responsibility for the strategy used in the case. In my own direct and (successful) experience of the family court system during that time, including international relocation (leave to remove) proceedings, it became clear that family law could benefit from these approaches.

However, what was most apparent was that because of their legal training and skill set, family lawyers possess no real understanding of the subject matter of their caseload: human psychology, decision making, interaction, dysfunction and behaviour and issues of clinical mental health, including personality disorder (including narcissism/NPD). It is little surprise that they are forced to adopt a one-dimensional, adversarial approach to family law cases, involving blame and a “he says, she says” approach to proving facts, often missing the very essence of the case.

By joining together my legal skill set and the completely inspirational psychological and mental health expertise of Gavin Emerson, Psychological Strategist, we have consistently repeated the successes for our clients through this entirely unique approach to family law which I achieved in my own case. As all of our clients have testified, Gavin’s unique psychological expertise and his ability to understand disputes and improve communication leads to the development of strategic approaches which maximise the chances of agreement and, where necessary, successful litigation.

The degree to which he understands personalities and the family dynamic means that not only are cases run successfully by incorporating this information, but in the process, clients learn insights and skill sets which enable them to manage their separated families and parenting, beyond any conclusion of the legal case. As a senior lawyer in international commercial legal practices and now the principal of my own family law firm, the importance of his input into the practice cannot be understated.

By working together, I have gained a unique insight into the shortcomings of other family law practices who rely solely upon vague legal principles and the unprovable/contested factual matrix of disputes. Through his involvement, clients are listened to, understood and the reality of their cases adopted by decision-makers in the family justice system.

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