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At Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, we understand that clients may naturally experience significant distress as a result of family breakdown and during the course of any subsequent litigation or dispute resolution.

Our clients feel empowered and suffer less distress as the result of our joint legal and psychological approach. 

This is achieved by ensuring that they receive a thorough understanding of the reasons for the family breakdown and how this information can be best applied either to reach agreement or communicated in their litigation.This also enables them to have confidence in expressing any concerns or doubts that they may experience.

We also offer additional psychological support in individual cases where clients require it to enable them to engage in the dispute and manage the emotional impact. 

We have also found that, in the latter phases of litigation, some clients benefit from support specifically aimed at assisting them to express themselves in the best possible light when they may be required to articulate their case at any final hearing. This is particularly important where the case involves the future of children or psychiatric/psychological issues. We ensure that our clients have the support and confidence to express their case in an articulate, insightful and, where relevant, child-centric way in the witness box.

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