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Mental Health

Instructing mental health experts in family court proceedings

In order to best instruct and interact with a court-appointed expert psychiatrist or psychological strategist in family law proceedings, your legal adviser must not only have sufficient expertise to understand how those professionals approach their task but also how the subject matter of their assessment (be it one or both of the spouses, cohabitees or parents) may also approach what is essentially a high-stakes, involuntary assessment of their mental state/personality. 

ILR - Leave to Remove-Form over Substance is what’s important

In this two-part article Richard Gregorian and Gavin Emerson of Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors explain the difficulties with the arguments relied on by critics of Payne v Payne and explain why the focus in defending these critically important proceedings should be on ensuring due process.

Call for mental health professionals to be more involved in the family justice system

Richard Gregorian, family law solicitor, explains the practice model which he advocates for enabling psychiatrists, psychological strategists and other mental health experts to have a far greater influence in determining the outcome of disputes involving children following marital or relationship breakdown whilst broadening their practice.

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