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Child law advice Guildford and helping your child's mental health

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Child law advice Guildford and helping your child's mental health.

Divorce Lawyers Guildford and supporting your children through the divorce process.

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Divorce Lawyers Guildford and supporting your children through the divorce process.

Family law Guildford and Step-parents rights.

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Looking for help with a leave to remove London case?

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Child law advice Guildford and planning contact handovers.

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Divorce lawyers Guildford and our most frequently asked questions and answers.

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Divorce lawyers Guildford and our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Family lawyers Guildford and issues of domestic violence.

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Looking for help with a child relocation or leave to remove issue in London?

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Child law advice Guildford and helping your children through your divorce.

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Divorce solicitors Guildford and trying to avoid a troublesome divorce experience.

Divorce solicitors Guildford and trying to avoid a troublesome divorce experience.

Family law Guildford and spousal maintenance.

Family law Guildford and spousal maintenance.

If you are seeking help with a spousal maintenance issue and need expert, friendly and reliable advice from a family law firm in Guildford, then we can help you. With many years of experience in the field of family law we are here to guide you through the process and make it as simple and stress free as possible for you. We can help advise you in all areas of family law, including child law issues, child relocation (leave to remove), divorce or civil partnership law, co-habiting agreements, spousal support, child maintenance and many more.

If you have found yourself furloughed, made redundant or had your hours cut, especially through the current Covid-19 pandemic you may be unable to meet your financial obligations to your ex-partner. You may have had a reduced bonus, or your salary cut whilst your employer suffers a fall in sales through the Coronavirus situation. This could be a temporary situation, i.e. you have a date to return to work, or it could potentially be for a longer period of time whilst you seek new employment. Either way you need to consider your options as soon as possible and be prepared to enter into a conversation with your ex-partner at the earliest opportunity.

It is highly unlikely that you could have foreseen any of the above situations happening, or been able to plan in advance for them. However if you have a court order in place for spousal maintenance it is important that you do not break it, as it it remains in place unless either you or your ex-partner returns to court to amend the details - basically you need to keep paying it or you will be in breach of the agreement!

There are two ways you can tackle this situation. You can start by having a conversation with your ex-partner about how your financial situation is currently looking and see if they are prepared to look at where allowances can be made. Maybe you can agree to pay a lower amount for an agreed period of time, with higher payments once you are back on your feet, or return to employment. You may need to take a break from paying anything at all, obviously subject to your own personal financial situation, so you will need to have thought out a well planned agreement that your ex-partner will agree to. A lot will depend on the current relationship you share with your ex-partner and whether you can arrange things amicably between you, or if you need to progress down the court route. If you are able to come to a temporary, mutually agreeable, arrangement it is best to put in in writing, to avoid complications in the future and so you both know exactly what is expected of you and within what timescale.

If you cannot come to an agreement between you then you will need to apply to the court to have the original agreement amended. As experienced solicitors in all areas of family law Guildford we can help advise you on the best way to proceed and all options open to you. You will need to document your fall in income and why you need to amend the original agreement and also what timescale you perceive this to be for. The court will ultimately decide if and for how long the order may be changed for.

In the current climate, with the pandemic, it is worth looking at some of the financial help available - for instance can you take a mortgage or payment break from your credit cards etc, to enable you to meet any court ordered obligations? If you have been furloughed you may find yourself a little better off with no outlay for travel to and from work, daily coffees, lunch etc, especially if your employer is making up the Goverments contribution of 80% furlough payment to 100% of your wages. Do you have any savings or investments that could be used to help you in the short term. It is worth spending a short while going through your current financial outgoings to see where adjustments can be made before engaging with your ex-partner, or progressing through the court system.

In summary; it is best if you can reach an agreement for a short term arrangement with your ex-partner amicably. Where this is not possible you would need to the court to amend your existing arrangement and they will decide if this is possible and for how long. Time is an important factor here as if you do not pay you would be guilty of being in breach of the existing order.

Whichever route you need to take, as leading solicitors in family law Guildford we are here to help you with expert advice unique to your individual case. We will always be honest with you and help guide you through the process as easily as we can and help to secure you the best possible outcome. You will always find us to be friendly, professional and transparent with all information we share with you.

Call us here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors in Guildford Surrey on 01483 826470 and let us start helping you today.

Leave to remove Lawyers and your questions answered.

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Child law advice Guildford and what to do if your arrangements aren't working.

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Child law advice Guildford and what to do if your arrangements aren't working. 

Looking for a leading divorce lawyers Guildford? Then look no further...

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Family law Surrey and dealing with domestic violence.

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Family law Surrey and dealing with domestic violence.

Looking for help with leave to remove in London?

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Looking for help with leave to remove in London?

As one of the leading lawyers in the field of leave to remove London cases, we are perfectly placed to help you with your case.  With many years of both personal and professional expertise in dealing with child relocation cases there really is no-one else you should entrust your case with.  Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we have extensive experience in all areas of child and family law, including advising on your individual leave to remove application and how to challenge these in court.  We use our own unique legal and psychological approach to your case, this combines our legal expertise along with psychological understanding, to maximise your chances of a successful outcome, whether that be in reaching agreements, mediation, or litigation and supporting you throughout the process.

In todays multi-cultural society we are seeing more and more families with parents from differing international backgrounds and it is now quite common to see children with parents from differing countries of origin.  However when these relationships break down we often see a situation where one parent wishes to relocate oversees, taking the children with them.  If consent is not forthcoming from the other parent agreeing to this move then an application will need to be made to the court for leave to remove the children from the country.

There can be many reasons for a parent wishing to relocate abroad - these include: returning to their homeland for family support (either emotional or financial): a new job in a country able to enhance your career: a new start, or a new relationship.  

These cases need to be well constructed from the outset.  Any parent intending to make an application must prepare a detailed plan in support of their proposed move providing practical arrangements, including accommodation, schooling and employment as well as setting out their commitment to support and facilitate the relationship between the children and the respondent after relocation.  They need to demonstrate that it has been thoroughly researched and planned, with details surrounding schools and availability of places etc.  You will also be required to show, in depth, how contact will still be maintained between the children and the left behind parent - this includes not just telephone or video calling (especially where there is a time difference to contend with), but also overnight trips (subject to distance) or holiday times etc, including who will be paying for these - if YOU are the one moving away can the other parent afford to visit, where will they stay, are your childen old enough to travel alone?  Many people do not factor this into their plan and this is where experienced legal counsel can make all the difference to your case.  We can help you whether you wish to apply for, or oppose, a leave to remove london case.  We will always be honest with you and advise you of your options, even if it may not be what you wish to hear.

The courts will always put the welfare of the children before any parental needs or wishes and therefore persuading the family court that your proposals or reasons for opposing a leave to removal application are genuine, without malice and in the best interests of the child or children can be key to winning the case.  We have personal as well as professional experience of successful leave to remove litigation so really are best placed to help you with your own personal leave to remove London case.  Prior to establishing Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors,  Richard Gregorian was a partner in an international banking practice in the City of London.  Against all the legal advice he received, he utilised the joint legal and psychological approach which underpins this firm to ensure a successful resolution of his litigation which has had long-term benefits for the entire family.  He treats every client, whether opposing or applying for relocation as if acting in the best interests of his own children and his track record of success speaks for itself.

With the stakes being so high for you and your children in leave to remove litigation, it could be significantly detrimental to your case if you do not seek out professional opinion and expertise in this area.  We are yet to see a relocation case run by another law firm which has been properly formulated beyond the simplistic route of fact regurgitation and blame. We have been successful in achieving early agreement in leave to remove proceedings and maximising cases where previous legal advisers have failed to employ a proper strategic approach to the case or failed to present the case in the most efficient way.  Because we are able to facilitate a more constructive dialogue between the parents and highlight the underlying issues, we are able to facilitate early resolution of relocation cases through agreement.  Our testimonials speak for themselves.

If you are looking for help with any Leave to Remove London questions or issues then please look no further.

Based in Guildford and Cobham, Surrey Central London, we can help you. If you have any child law or family dispute that needs resolving then don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you through the process.

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Child law advice Guildford and helping your child deal with a divorce or separation.

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Child law advice Guildford and helping your child deal with a divorce or separation.
Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we specialise in all areas of child law advice and we understand how challenging a time it can be, for all involved, going through a separation or divorce. We have a wealth of expertise in this field of law and can help you with information and advice to help support both you and your children as you navigate your way through your personal circumstances.
We understand how going through a separation or divorce can stir up emotions that you are unfamiliar with, especially negative ones towards your soon to be ex-partner, or even the extended family.  Your children are very prone to picking up these negative vibes from either of you, which can lead them to feeling very confused and upset - they will frequently blame themselves for the break up too, so this needs to handled sensitively.
To help them:
Always make sure you are honest with them. You can tell them, in an age appropriate way, that you both still love them, even if you will no longer all live together and that changes will need to be made.
Make sure they understand that they are still very much loved by all parties.
Ensure you stick to any routines in place and try to ensure that whilst co-parenting, these routines will still be adhered to in each house to avoid confusion and create stability for your children.
Listen to them.  This is vital as they need to know that you are always available to listen to them when they have things they will want to discuss.  Make sure they know they can ask anything on their minds and that you will be open and honest in the answers.
Let them know it is okay for them to feel annoyed, frustrated or angry at times about the situation.
Never speak ill of your ex-partner infront, or in the hearing, of your children. This will lead to confusion with them as they still see you both as parents and love you both. They should never be forced to choose between you, or used as messengers or spies between you both.
One thing you will need to come to an arrangement about, sooner rather than later, is for child contact between both parents. These are called 'Contact Arrangements' and will lay out things like, where and who the child will live with (resident parent) and when/how often they see the non-resident parent. This should be discussed with the children front and centre of any decisions and not used for combative or 'point scoring' by the parents.  Children do far better when they have regular contact with both parents - obviously if there are safeguarding issues then this will need to be handled differently. It is far better for all concerned if you can come to a contact arrangement amicably between yourselves regarding contact, without the need to go to Court, as you know the children better than anyone and should be able to put their welfare and best interests first. If you are unable to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement then you would both need to attend mediation. Medition is held by a trained, independant professional who will listen and liaise between both parties. They are trained to ensure you both have a say in a calm manner and to help you both to put together a planned agreement, which is legally binding, that can work for you both. Sometimes unfortunately mediation doesn't work, usually because one parent refuses to attend for whatever reason (not advisable), or because an agreement is simply impossible to reach. If mediation hasn't succeeded in resolving the issue, then the next step would be for either parent to apply to the courts for a Child Arrangements Order.  This is a legally binding agreement that specifies who the child is to live with; who can have contact with the child; how often and for how long the contact visits are to be. All parties will have a chance to put their cases forward, but ultimately the decision will be the courts and they will always have the childrens welfare as their paramount priority.  If the divorce/separation is acrimonious, or there are mitigating circumstances, the courts may arrange for contact to be held in a contact centre. These provide a safe, friendly environment for parents or other family members to spend time with the children in a neutral environment where neither party has to meet. You are unable to apply straight to the court without having attempted mediation first, this is one of the reasons why it is important to attend any sessions which are arranged. Before you actually get to court, your family will be allocated a CAFCASS (children and family court advisory and support service) officer. Cafcass is an independant agency that looks after the interests of all children involved in family law proceedings. These officers will meet with all family members, including the children and assess any risks to the children. They will report their findings directly to the court and advise what they consider to be in the childrens best interests.
If you do have to go down the Court route it becomes more costly, lengthy and distressing for all involved. As experienced child law advice Guildford lawyers we are best placed to answer any of your child law queries you may have and help you through the process. We will explain all options open to you and help you to come to a mutully agreeable arrangement that works for all your family members.
The courts will always put the childrens welfare first, but they do understand that each family circumstance is individual and will judge each one on it's own merits. They will look at the case and when deciding on the issues of residence and contact they will take into consideration:
The child's age, understanding and character.
How each parent can meet the child's needs.
Has there been any previous issue of harm, or likely to be in the future.
The wishes of the child.
How any changes will affect the child.
Obviously none of the above is an exhaustive list, but you can contact us at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors and we can help to guide you through the process and advise you of any decisions you may need to make and any possible ramifications to them, prior to making them.
With many years of personal and professional experience in the field of child law advice Guildford we can help you to make the best decisions possible.  Call us today on 01483 826470.

Divorce Solicitors Guildford and how Covid-19 affects your divorce.

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Family Lawyers Guildford and how Coronavirus affects Parental Contact.

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