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We advise on all financial aspects of matrimonial, civil partnership and relationship breakdown, including claims for the benefit of children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989. 

Our clients have consistently found that our unique joint legal and psychological approach, has resulted in earlier and more cost-effective financial agreements. Whilst, inevitably, the resolution of financial matters upon divorce or relationship breakup rely more on a cost-benefit analysis than disputes involving children, our approach minimises the harmful acrimony which frequently develops between parties when a solely legalistic approach is pursued which makes any resolution of the finances virtually impossible. 

Through our combined skill set, in addition to advising on a client’s explicit legal rights, we are able to maximise the opportunity of a successful outcome through understanding the other side’s position and the value they attribute to their financial demands.  By understanding the psychology of their financial claims, we are able to achieve early and more favourable settlements and at a lower legal cost for you.   

Further, and perhaps more importantly, where children are involved, the outcome of the financial proceedings depends to a great extent on the outcome of any dispute involving children. As explained in “Our Approach”  this is an area where our unique joint legal and psychological approach leads to extremely successful results for clients.

In addition to Richard Gregorian being an experienced family lawyer, his previous role as a finance partner in City of London firms means that he excels at managing complex financial family law cases involving high-value assets and liabilities.

For further information, please see our articles in the Blog section of this website.

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