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The following testimonials reflect the effectiveness of the innovative joint legal and psychological approach in formulating strategy, empowering the client and, ultimately, success in their cases. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot identify the originators of these unsolicited testimonials but we have them on file. These compliments are received throughout the case, not simply at the end as a result of the effectiveness of our approach in achieving successful outcomes and empowering the client at a difficult time in their lives.

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"Your understanding and insight has been a great help, at a point when I was feeling totally defeated by my ex-husband and the family court system. I am glad there are people like you who have the passion and intelligence to strive for and make positive change after experiencing something so destructive."

Linda - a mother that retained us to institute contact arrangements where the father's behaviour was not in the children's interests.

"We appreciate and admire all the effort and intelligence you put into this case."

Dafna - mother of client whose strategy to undermine psychiatric evidence was wholly successful, resulting in that psychiatrist being struck off by his regulatory body.

"You are the best family law solicitor I have come across. I hope that we can work together in the future."


"For the first time in over two years did I feel confident in the legal representative I was speaking to."


"Thank you for so far helping me in which has been the hardest thing I have ever gone though in my life.

Without you guys I would have not been able to cope so thank you so much. This has been a mad six months but thanks for all the hard work you have done, your approach to law and 24-hour availability is truly remarkable and has given me great reassurance. Thanks for being there and working hard in this case, the six months will never fade from my memory and thanks to get me through them. I will be forever grateful.... Words cannot explain my gratitude. I really am of the belief the final hearing went how it did because of how good you are at doing what you do!

I wanted to drop you an email just to say thank you for everything today, not for just being there as my lawyer but for being there as what on consider a friend, you really helped me get through today especially when I started to struggle before the court case, for that I will be forever grateful. I am in full belief of every/any advice you give. I believe the child centric statements and child centric approach really won the day.

I want to thank you for the work you have done for me so far and the work you continue do for me, it's fantastic! I think your letters and emails have been brilliant, and the way you have worded and organised them is spot on. Thank you, it is everything I would want to say. I want to thank you for helping me in what has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life. Without you guys and my family, I would have not been able to cope so thank you so much. Keep up the good work guys. I have complete faith you will.

I did want to take the time to thank you for yesterday. Your approach to legal matters such as I am going through is very unique and really helped to reassure me yesterday. I found you were very easy to talk to, you are very much on my level but then at the same time knew your stuff. Very impressed. Thanks again for starting to help me through this very difficult time in my life. If only I had appointed you from the off!"

Anthony - father fighting for contact with his son in circumstances where mother inappropriately claimed abuse and terminated contact to begin with and where our ability to case build around core strategies resulted in a successful outcome.

"It has been a tough journey for me over the last year but you have been a huge support and given such sensible guidance. At the start when there was so much uncertainty, your advice and also approach helped me immensely but also reflected my own values of being child centric and so it got me through the awful allegations that [X] made.

Although the final court hearing was a bit of an anti-climax in some respects (and thank goodness it was), I managed to get the contact I wanted and most importantly a clean bill of health with respect to my parenting and an acknowledgement that [X ] behaviour is attributed to her background rather than me. It has also been a sad process and I think it will take some time to normalise relationships, even just as parents, but at least now I feel that I can move on with my life with my head held high. The case that you so diligently and expertly built has meant that I know that my children's best interests are being served and that's all that matters in the end. Thank you for doing such a thorough job, particularly on my witness statement which is a comprehensive piece of work.

All I can say to you is Thank You and I wish you all the best for the future."

Father who succeeded in establishing contact and slam dunk expert reports through our ability to communicate on a level playing field with mental health experts in circumstances where there was parental alienation by mother.

"JS has gained good insight into how he works and we thank you for that. We are so appreciative of the approach you take to your work."

Parents of that client.

"He wants to retract his opposition to my application. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. He read the witness statement [you drafted] and this had a huge effect on his decision.... There are some parts [of the interaction and the other side] that I hadn't processed before which were eye-opening. I really appreciate how much you believe in me and this case. You've been so committed and kind to me. You have no idea how much I appreciate the work you have done and continue to do for me because I understand that you are emotionally embedded in it and help me in ways that other more conventional lawyers would not. Hence living the witness statement as you write it."

Applicant Mother in leave to remove proceedings where the other side conceded upon receiving evidence recording our strategy.

"Thank you Richard, I've just read through my third witness statement. I'm truly grateful for the thorough and professional job you've done.... You have done a great job thus far. I'm certain that we are going to win based on the case that you have put together for me."

Respondent Father in leave to remove proceedings where service of a witness statement read to the applicant changing her relocation plans to her detriment.

"Not sure if you'll recall but you took the time to give me advice just over 7 years ago with regards to leave to remove.

Well 7 years on my son & I are happier than ever, his mother still lives abroad & has since moved to Cyprus. I'm led to believe she's moving back to the UK next year, but my son has made it clear he'll still be with me even though she's asked him to live with her when she returns.

He's 17 now & is an amazing son, he's just started 6th form studying government & politics, history, English language & literature, he's hoping he'll go on to university to become a lecturer.

He's far exceeded my expectations & hopes for him & is the most wonderful son anyone could wish for.

None of this would have been possible without your support, I'm sorry it's taken 7 years to write this, but the time has flown over. So once again, thank you, my son & I will be forever in your debt."

Lee - leave to remove father who successfully opposed the mother's application to relocate.

"By the way I sent your details to an old friend from Richmond days as she has a Hungarian friend who is going through something similar [leave to remove proceedings]. I told her how brilliant you have been!"

H - A successful applicant for leave to remove where father demonstrated very prominent narcissistic traits.

"Thank you Richard, I really do appreciate that and I have no doubt of your value and understanding of what is necessary. You have been a lifeline to me-both legally and psychologically over the last year. I can sleep at night knowing you are on my case and can be frequently heard boasting about how good you are! this is a prime example of why I hired you Mr Gregorian! Thank you"

D - A leave to remove father who is opposing mother's application to relocate, where there are issues of mental health.

"I just wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me over the past three months. It was without doubt the most stressful time in my life and without you I probably wouldn't have seen the whole thing through and would not have coped that well. So thank you Richard, everything you have done for me. I am certainly going to miss your support going forward."

S-successful leave to remove mother where case took three months from beginning to end including a final hearing and expert witness and issues of alcoholism and abuse.

"Dear Richard, Thank you very much for this, I am very pleased and impressed with the outcome-it sets my standpoint out so well and in a way that I wouldn't be able to do on my own, it is also very cleverly written."

D-a leave to remove father commenting upon our unique capacity to case build.

"Just a brief note to say I'm very impressed with the documentation I have just seen from you. I thought it very relevant to reassure you that work of this type is very valued by me and I thank you on behalf of myself and my family for this recent work."

Father of a successful leave to remove applicant mother in relation to her evidence.

"We really did enjoy speaking with you as you gave us many things to think about plus we really do like the way you see leave to remove cases and how to approach them"

Leave to remove applicants - USA

"Funny how one can start a case fearing that it is hopeless and end up believing one is in with a good shout. I would refuse the application were I the judge."

A leading QC in a leave to remove case where the strategy was 100% successful. Due to the facts, initially, I gave the client only a 5% chance of successfully opposing the mother's application for leave to remove.

"Hi Richard - I feel compelled to write after seeing your article on linked in: the importance of non-legal skills in private law disputes. You have touched an issue close to my heart professionally and personally. Professionally I specialise and work every day with helping leaders and teams be aware of and manage defensive behaviour. Pretty much my life is dedicated to it. Personally I have been on the wrong end of divorce law approached from a position of 'blame and win at all costs'.

I am absolutely interested in doing whatever I can to shape awareness of the importance of psychology - particularly its role in understanding defensive behaviour - to law practice, especially family law.

I'd love to connect sometime to chat and understand your passion and ideas around this subject.

What a fantastic basis for a law firm you have in my view."

Rich - A self-explanatory and very reassuring supporter of our joint legal and psychological approach.

"Thanks once again for your help today. I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude for your support. You are such an incredibly generous and supportive person, with such an amazing level of insight. I can't tell you how sorry we are that we only found you this late in the process. We are in a deep hole and actually need you more than ever. You have been a great support and encouragement. It is truly inspiring to come across someone who truly believes in what they are doing"

An applicant mother and father who came to me for a second opinion in leave to remove proceedings whose case, whilst strong, had been mishandled by another leading firm of lawyers who were unable to present the client's case competently as it involved mental health issues and because they lacked the ability to present the case around a core legal and psychological approach.

"I was impressed with your insight into the situation so I am really confident that you will be able to help me. I cannot thank you enough for the light at the end of the tunnel!

I knew that the psychological approach through you would work well for me but in actual fact I had no idea how life changing it would actually be. Talking to you has helped me immeasurably. It would have been completely different if I had stayed with [previous law firm]. I do feel completely empowered now. I know I was strong before I met [former partner] but I have a new sense of inner strength now and that will make me a better mother. This will probably sound like a cliché but perhaps this is meant to happen, I have learned a lot about myself, I am so positive and I think that my son can actually only benefit from what's happened. You have been a massive part of the journey I have been on and the only one that fully understands what it has been like, that is a big connection for me. I actually consider you a very good friend now and would love us to stay in touch. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart... We would have won hands down if we had to go through with the hearing! But a win is a win even if it was an easy one!! I couldn't have got here without!! And will be eternally grateful!!.... You will get your reward in heaven! You may be one of very few lawyers there too!"

A successful mother in leave to remove proceedings where after successful case building and resultant witness statement, the father who had conducted a very aggressive case did not stand up to give evidence at the final hearing.

"Thanks to you also for your very careful preparation, which ultimately gave him nowhere to go!"

Leading QC commenting upon my preparation in the above leave to remove case where a father conceded at the final hearing.

"Dear Richard: a few months ago, I was facing the horrifying prospect of having my children removed to Germany. You were not able to take up the case as I was publicly funded, but you called me back and we had an inspiring conversation. After a two-year struggle, judgement was delivered on 18th May: I won thank you."

Father opposing ex-wife's leave to remove application. This compliment reflects the effectiveness of the joint legal psychological approach and its implementation.

"Dear Richard-The advice I received from you and your personal effort to assist were first-class and bespoke. I no longer fear him. I am content with my case and position. It is he who should be paying someone like you just move matters forward if he is interested."

Mother who was successful in achieving her objectives so far as improved communication and without the need to revert to court.

"Hi Richard, Thank you so much for everything. I have to tell you, you've been such a great friend and lawyer to me. I'll never forget it. As you know I've gone through some very low and dark times. I can't believe the support and help you been. I couldn't work with people like the other side at all as I have no respect for them. They are no better than slip and fall lawyers advertising on a billboard in the US. You're the only family lawyer I met who wants to resolve things in a fair way and isn't looking to fight for no reason"

Father who is a commercial law solicitor who successfully opposed an international relocation and arrived at a consensual financial settlement and parenting arrangements with his children.

"Your witness statement was absolutely excellent! I don't know how you draft in such a way that I feel that I actually wrote the document, such as your mastery of the case and the accuracy that you reflect my concerns-with far greater detail and documentation than I could have ever mastered. I am feeling calm and confident as the case is strong and multipronged. I am very happy with the work conducted."

"Thank you so much for your excellent work over the past months. You are without doubt the best solicitor I have had the privilege of knowing."

"Hi Richard, A massive and gigantic thank you for your excellent work throughout the last months. You have done everything in your power to avoid what in my view should have been an entirely unnecessary court hearing in which I was fighting to essentially take on additional liability in my sole name and save my ex-wife, our children and myself from bankruptcy. However, given that we had to go to court, we have secured a resounding victory and for that I thank you. A big thank you from all of my family."

"Hi Richard-you are definitely the strategist and it is on this basis that I would not have been willing to go into court without you. Every other aspect of your work has been magical, so I look forward to our first day in court. And yes, a bit of support in court will definitely be useful. I always have one person that I know and trust in the court room with me. Thanks for all the brain work you have put in thus far, which I think will stand us in good stead in court."

Father who had instructed 5 law firms before contacting us. Each law firm had failed to understand the need for a joint legal-psychological approach rather than the stereotypical aggressive, accusatory, one-dimensional case based on mental health which backfired. Broadening that case in accordance with our core strategy for that case resulted in him obtaining shared residency. We also dealt with the matrimonial finances.

"Richard, I am stunned and grateful in equal measure. Certainly did not expect a reply with any kind of steer in. You are the exception-in your profession - that proves the rule."

Mother who wished to improve communication with the father of their children in circumstances where the family had fractured and the children were suffering distress.

"I just wanted to send a note to say thank you very much, for all the help, advice & amazing support that you have given & continue to provide to my dearest brother.

I honestly do not know where our family would be right now, had my brother not found you guys, as we as a family have been left absolutely devastated & we still remain in a certain 'state of shock' with how the events of the last several months have unfolded.

I don't think we expected something like this in a million years, it has shocked & shaken our family to the core & we remain as close to my brother each day as we can, as he lives through this sad chapter of his life.

I realise you may perhaps say that this is your job & is what you get paid for, however I just wanted to send you a note of sincere & heartfelt thanks from myself & my family for what you have done for my brother & for the fortress you have strengthened around him, during his hour of need.

Once again, a huge thank you from myself and the X family, for all the hard work, effort & such a high standard of professionalism you guys both have in your work with my brother. Your work must be really hard & demanding & you must no doubt deal with some pretty nasty people, but please never underestimate how much your work actually means to your client's lives & their families.

I would honestly hate to think what position we would be in today, had we not had your support through this very challenging & sad chapter of our lives. As I said to you when this began, I do not know where we would be today, had X not got hold of you from day one. As a family, we wanted you to know that whatever the outcome of next week, you have & continue to be an unbelievable force for good & what is just and right in X and Y lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your professionalism, your perseverance, your patience and your unending support to my brother and Y. Thank you for the memories, giving us a clear voice, helping us continue to believe & not lose sight of the fact that, we too matter & have a part to play in our little Y's life. Your help is priceless, never underestimate how much your efforts have meant to this family. The more people you guys are able to help out in life, the better and is a reference can help towards achieving that, it would make me & my family happy to know that. Thank you again.

I know my brother is in good hands with you. God really only knows where we'd be today without your professional support, we will all keep strong & positive about the way ahead, as we've done since this sad episode began."

Z - Family member of respondent Father opposing the relocation in circumstances where service of his witness statement forced the mother to change her plans entirely and to her detriment.

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