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Divorce and Separation

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Whilst we specialise in advising clients on matters involving their children and finances, our unique legal and psychological approach is also applicable to the divorce/separation process itself. 

The actual mechanism of getting divorced or the implementation of a separation agreement (in contrast with the financial and children aspects) is a legalistic and mechanical process. However, understanding the emotional decision making and disputes which led to the separation are extremely important in determining the success of any agreement or litigation. 

Our joint legal and psychological approach ensures that we maximise the prospects of achieving the divorce or separation with the least amount of acrimony and upset, and with any dispute involving the children and/or finances being resolved in our clients' favour.  This approach also avoids the most frequent criticism of family lawyers: that through their aggressive, blaming and legalistic approach, the levels of acrimony between the former spouses/partners are elevated to such a degree that entrenched positions, no consensus and increased legal costs become inevitable. 

In certain cases, our ability to improve communication and understanding of the underlying dispute, has been so effective that, where appropriate, clients may also get the opportunity to reconcile the relationship or, at least, co-parent and communicate effectively into the future.

The testimonials we receive from our clients reflect this.

If you have a family dispute that needs resolving, we are here to help and look forward to your call. Please contact us, or call us on 01483 826 470.

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