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Many clients make the mistake of leaving instructing Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors to the last minute, thereby prejudicing their case.

1.  Without exception, every client who has consulted us is caught in a self-fulfilling prophecy.  In other words, in an environment of upset, fear and loss of control, they are acting in a way which they believe is safeguarding their interests, whether in respect of children or money but, in fact, is having the opposite effect. 

2.  We are not talking here about continuing acrimony or arguments or behaviour which may be seen by those in the family justice system in a negative light, but rather the illogical, emotional acts of desperation, usually based around regaining control and preventiing loss, which elicits an understandable reactive response in the person, designed to prevent that outcome or emotion but which, in fact, makes it far more likely to occur.  The outcome may be a reduced chance of reconciliation, the prospects of agreeing or being awarded shared parenting, successful litigation or simply an escalation in acrimony which can make the case more difficult and expensive to run.

3.  Further, in the Alice in Wonderland world of family law, where superficial impressions and analysis do count, it is important to present yourself in a certain way.

4.  However, most importantly, delay in instructing us, results in a delay in the formulation and implementation of strategies which are, frequently, at least initially, implemented through the client and which is made more difficult when lawyers become involved.  Then, the other side will become more guarded and can blame virtually any action or behaviour on legal advice they received and be shielded by their lawyers.  Ultimately, what happens is that the parties then enter into an expensive process of adversarial communication and litigation based on a complete distortion of who the individual clients are and what the dispute is about.  It becomes a game of each lawyer formulating blaming positions against the other because, in our experience, they are unable to communicate in any other way.  They are, after all, the subjects of an adversarial legal system.  This results in a deflection away from the real concernss of the client. 

5.  Instructing us late also reduces the chance of agreement, since it means that more damage has to be undone and there is less blue sky between the unhealthy communication and interactions between the client and their former spouse/partner and us representing the client.  Representation does not always mean immediately going on the record for the client immediately.

6.  Clients who instruct us promptly at an early stage in the dispute, feel more empowered and able to manage the process better. Should litigation be necessary, it is essential that the client's unique strategy, based on our joint legal-psychological approach, is pursued from the earliest possible time.


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