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Why act now?

Many clients make the mistake of leaving instructing solicitors to the last minute, thereby prejudicing their case and the possibility of reaching an agreement.

Delaying seeking legal advice also risks causing unnecessary distress and an increase in acrimony, resulting in unhelpful, negative interactions prior to our instruction.

Clients who instruct us promptly at an early stage in the dispute, feel more empowered and able to manage the process better. Should litigation be necessary, it is essential that the client's unique strategy, based on our joint legal-psychological approach, is pursued from the earliest possible time.

When you contact us:

  • Our Principal Solicitor, Richard Gregorian, will be happy to give you an initial 30 minute free telephone consultation to explain how your case would benefit from our unique joint legal and psychological approach;
  • If you wish to proceed, having signed our firm's letter of engagement, we will meet with you at the earliest opportunity to obtain a full case history, which enables the joint legal and psychological based strategy to be formulated and agreed by you at the end of the meeting. It is this unique joint legal-psychological strategy which maximises your chances of successfully achieving the objectives you have agreed with us at that meeting;
  • Immediately after the meeting, we begin to implement that strategy. You will be able to clearly see the benefits of our joint legal and psychological strategy in obtaining your objectives at a very early stage, thereby ensuring value for money;
  • Throughout our instruction, you will be able to telephone or email us in order to discuss your case at any time and to receive appropriate support. We understand that clients may naturally experience significant distress prior to and during litigation or dispute resolution. We, therefore, offer additional psychological support in order to assist those of our clients who feel that they would benefit from this support, which extends to ensuring that they are able to express their case in the most effective way from the witness box;
  • Throughout the case, you remain in full control of your legal cost through estimates, regular billing and regular communication. The joint legal and psychological approach has consistently resulted in early settlement in our clients' favour, thereby saving costs.

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Based in Guildford and Cobham, Surrey and Central London, we can help you. If you have a family dispute that needs resolving, we are here to help and look forward to your call. Please click here to contact us, or call us on 01483 826 470

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