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Family Law

What is Family Law and how is it used by Family Law Solicitors?

Family Law is simply a term to describe a variety of different processes to assist separating or divorcing families used by Family Law Solicitors.  Family Law goes beyond “black letter law” to encompass a framework of agreements, mediation, litigation, family therapy and other processes which are designed to support the family, both in terms of parenting of any children and financially, as the single family unit transitions into a separated family unit.

So as with contract law, for example, it provides a framework for agreements to be reached and disputes to be resolved by the parties to the marriage or relationship.  In any instruction of a Family Law Solicitor, utilising Family Law in the sense of legal provisions and giving of legal advice, is just one small part of the overall service (or at least it should be, in our view).  Family Law Solicitors also use their experience of previous family disputes and likely mediation/court decisions to seek to guide the family through the process of parenting and financial separation.

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That being said, it is this firm’s belief that there is a need to go beyond the law as they apply to the facts in order to properly understand the dispute and represent a Family Law client and into the non-legal issues in which any Family Law dispute originated i.e. issues of communication, conflict resolution, the “psychology” of individuals and of the case, in order to properly protect a client and maximise their chances of reaching agreement or successful litigation. 

In addition to this “added value” joint legal and psychological approach to Family Law, such an approach also maximises the opportunity of fundamentally supporting the parents beyond any court involvement which can do much to prejudice any future relationship which separated parents of children need to maintain.

This approach is possible with Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors through the very different but equally important skill sets of Richard Gregorian (family lawyer) and Gavin Emerson (communication and dispute resolution specialist and psychological/mental health professional)

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