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We are a “full-service” family law firm, dealing with all aspects of an individual’s separation or divorce, including issues of complex finances and child arrangements involving children.  We have a special expertise/interest in international relocation (Richard Gregorian, the principal of the firm, having succeeded in his own personal case) and personality disorders such as narcissism/NPD and EUPD/BPD.

The full-service nature of the firm is also reflected in the combination of legal and non-legal skill sets, which clients of the firm benefit from.  Family breakdown/disputes have very little, if anything, to do with the law and the facts are largely repetitive, lending themselves to either lazy or unskilled analysis/stereotypes or the type of opinions one would expect from lay-persons because the family law professionals, whether legally qualified or not, need to prove their value to the users of the family justice system.  In reality, without these non-legal skill sets, their opinion is no better nor worse than anyone else's. 

We accept that if one were able to apply lawyering, mediation, psychology, communication and conflict resolution expertise, and issues of clinical mental health to understanding and resolving family breakdown, there would be a place for a lawyer led family justice system.  However, the family justice system does not have this in one place.  This firm does because, in addition to high quality legal input, it has worked with psychologists and other mental health professionals and communication and conflict resolution experts since it was established 13 years ago. 

If you have a family dispute that needs resolving, we are here to help and look forward to your call. Please contact us, or call us on 01483 826 470.