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Child Law Advice


Due to our personal experience and unique combined legal and psychological approach, we are extremely successful in advising on disputes involving children upon divorce and separation.


1.  Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors are experts in Child Law Advice, including residence, contact, child arrangements orders, financial issues on separation and divorce, maintenance of children, domestic and international child relocation ("leave to remove" - where Richard Gregorian has unrivalled and personal experience), child abduction and specific issues (including disputes over education and medical treatment).

2.  We advise you in accordance with a previously formulated and agreed joint legal and psychological strategy which, in every single case, gives our clients an advantage over the opposition in maximising agreement or litigation outcomes.  As stated elsewhere (see The Inadequacies of Family Law and How We May Assist You to Overcome Them and Our Approach) this approach not only recognises (the limited) relevance of legal principle and the facts of the case but, more importantly, incorporates our unique knowledge of the personalities, psychology and approach to communication and conflict resolution which are the only unique aspects of any client’s case.   Accordingly, our strategies are 100% successful because they go beyond the legalistic "blame game" adopted by other law firms as the only “value added” they can demonstrate to clients.  It is only very infrequently that a single fact involved in a client’s case makes any difference to the outcome - the courts have seen every permutation of factual matrices before, after all.  That being said, there is always a very small percentage of cases where the client has failed to come to see us early enough to prevent them from, inadvertently, sabotaging their legal case.    

3.  This unique joint legal and psychological approach, which gives our clients a unique advantage in maximising agreements with the other parent/partner/spouse but also unrivalled litigation case building, also involves, where necessary, an expertise in matters of mental health, including alcoholism, substance/drug abuse and narcissism/NPD and EUPD (BPD). It also means that we “speak the same language” as any court expert psychiatrist or psychologist who may be appointed, in order to obtain the most thorough and favourable report for our clients. That being said, it is also important to know when not to rely upon such expert reports, which can, if unfavourable, do great damage to a client's case. It is only through a thorough understanding of such mental health issues that a case involving mental health issues can be correctly formulated and presentedand and the risk of any unexpected outcome minimised.

4.  We have a particular expertise in international relocation of children, due to Richard Gregorian’s personal experience, where he won against all the odds and predictions, utilising the joint legal and psychological approach.

5.  Ultimately, even if a solely legalistic approach results in a litigation “win”, it should be remembered that no court order or agreement, by itself, can resolve the underlying dispute between parents or former partners/spouses.  It is little wonder why the judiciary remain confused as to why mediation has not been the panacea for the demand of parental litigation outstripping judicial availability (court cases are still being cancelled at the last minute resulting in tens of thousands of pounds of financial loss to the parents) or why parents access the courts for increasinglyminor disagreements.  Quite simply, whether it be mediation or litigation, the dispute which may have taken years to evolve and escalate can only be remedied through an understanding and application of the type of therapeutic and educative approach which is built into our joint legal and psychological strategy from the very beginning.

At Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, through our combined joint-legal psychological skill set and knowledge of communication and conflict resolution, disputes and clinical mental health (including narcissism/NPD and EUPD/BPD), we not only have the capacity to provide the very highest quality legal advice but, uniquely, are able to formulate and present a strategy to achieve the best results for our clients. Please see our Testimonials.

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