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Family Law

Divorce Solicitors Guildford and harassment.

Divorce solicitors guildford pic

Divorce Solicitors Guildford and harassment.

Family Law Solicitors Guildford.

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Family Law Solicitors Guildford.

Family law Guildford and domestic violence.

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Family law Guildford and domestic violence.

Step-parents, parental rights and Family lawyers Guildford.

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Step-parents, parental rights and Family lawyers Guildford.

Family lawyers Guildford and alcoholism.

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Excessive consumption of alcohol can be a real cause for concern and as family lawyers in Guildford, we are experiencing many cases where it has become such a concern that it can lead to divorce. If alcoholism is an aspect of the divorce it can play a part in how the proceedings are dealt with. This is an area that will need full investigation, especially if your case involves young children as the courts will take a very dim view of a false accusation, where one party will claim the other is an alcoholic purely for point scoring or mis-guided revenge. Any allegation of substance misuse is taken incredibly seriously and as such any claim will need to be fully proven before a resolution or judgement can be made. The courts will exercise caution when awarding any type of custody or contact arrangement, especially if there is a history of substance abuse, or evidence of such, or a criminal record.

Family lawyers Guildford and your finances after divorce.

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Family Law Guildford and co-habiting.

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Family Law Guildford and co-habiting.

Family Lawyers Guildford Surrey and mental health.

Family Lawyers Guildford

Family Lawyers Guildford Surrey and mental health.

Need help from a family lawyers in Guildford

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Dispute over Validity of Actor’s Prenuptial Agreement

The family of actor Alan Thicke is headed to court in a dispute over a prenuptial agreement, the LA Times has reported.

Leave to Remove – a (now) family lawyer’s view

The author of this article was formerly a commercial partner in a City of London firm. Having successfully defended his own leave to remove (relocation) case in 2007, he wrote about his experiences and his concerns for this area of law in Family Law Week [familylawweek http://www.familylawweek.co.uk/site.aspx?i=ed1212]. He now practises family law, specialising in leave to remove cases, drawing heavily upon the support of a psychological expert in order to replicate the commercial law multidisciplinary model for the provision of legal advice in which commercial clients demand that their legal team has an understanding of the subject matter of their practice area. In family law, this is the psychology of the individuals and of the case concerned.

Report Calls for Stronger Enforcement by Child Maintenance Service

The new Child Maintenance Service (CMS) must be prepared and resourced to automatically take-over the more difficult or complicated child support non-payment cases from the CSA, and must be ‘toothier’ in enforcing payment.

Report on Closure of Old Child Maintenance Schemes Published

The National Audit Office recently published the findings of its investigation into the Department for Work & Pensions’ closure of its 1993 and 2003 child maintenance schemes.

Judge Gives Ruling on Millionaire Couple's Divorce Settlement

A high court judge in London has recently given his decision in the long-running divorce dispute between millionaire couple Khoo Kay Peng and Pauline Chai, reports the Guardian.

Calls for Reforms to Deprivation of Liberty Processes

The Law Commission for England and Wales recently carried out a review of the law relating to deprivation of liberty to ensure that suitable protections are in place within the legislative framework.

Couples Use Prenuptial Agreements to Cover Pet Custody Issues

New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance has revealed that as many as 28% of people would consider putting a prenuptial agreement in place to cover custody of their pets in the event that a relationship breaks down.

Views on Marriage Reach Tipping Point

The proportion of people who believe couples shouldn’t have to get married before having children (35%) is, for the first time, almost the same as the proportion who believe marriage should come first (37%), according to new analysis of NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey.

English Family Courts in top Five for Most Generous Spousal Maintenance

Although there has been more emphasis put on ex-spouses to provide for themselves financially following a divorce, a recent study has found that settlements made by the family courts in England and Wales are one of the most generous in the world.

Reactions to Marital Difficulties

Men and women who have been married for a long time react to marital problems in different ways - women tend to worry and feel upset, while men predominantly feel frustrated.

MoJ Publishes Latest Family Court Statistics

The Ministry of Justice has recently published statistics on activity in the family courts of England and Wales for the period April – June 2015.

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