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“Divorce Day” Reporting Should Refocus on Finding Solutions

Although some have claimed that the start of January, or the third Monday in January is the busiest day for law firms regarding divorce, the family charity, Resolution, has stated that they have little evidence to support such a statement.

The group also called for the reporting of divorce to be refocussed throughout January to offer support to those going through a split. Rather than reporting the number of divorces and the ways to get a divorce, the charity has called for a reporting of solutions to divorce.

A poll conducted by the family charity found that 82% of law firms they contacted did not report a rise in the number of divorces or note that it was significantly busier. However, research from the charity showed that there was a drastic increase in the number of online searches being carried out, suggesting that more people than ever are looking for legal advice or support.

Divorce Day Should Encourage Dispute Resolution

According to many, this suggests that focus should be shifted from sensationalising 'Divorce Day' to ensuring families have access to appropriate and balanced information about managing separation in a way that minimises conflict and the impact on children.

Jo Edwards, Chair of Resolution, says: “We do know that January is the time when online searches for information about divorce and separation reach their peak.

“The festive season can be difficult for many families, fraught as it is with expectations and obligations. Many may have already decided before Christmas that they wish to separate, but hold off doing so until the New Year for the sake of the family. But to dub today "Divorce Day" trivialises the very painful and difficult decisions couples make when they separate.”

"Members polled reported that they did not see any immediate spike in new cases or enquiries at the beginning of 2015. 82% of Resolution members suggest that most people are looking for information initially, rather than taking immediate action on 1 January."

She also added that as well as seeking a divorce, some couples attempt to resolve conflicts through less drastic measures such as the use of mediation.

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