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Family Law

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Family breakdowns

Family breakdowns

Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of family law Guildford Surrey services for not just children, but all families too.

We will help you at your earliest opportunity and across all areas of your needs.  We have had many years of experience in this field, which has taught us that by providing help and advice early in a situation we can help it from escalating, potentially to a point of no return.

Our aim is to work quickly with you to avoid this scenario and to work in partnership with you, to keep everyone safe from emotional harm.  We know that early investment and support is extremely important and we aim to work closely with both you and your family to ensure a speedy resolution to your situation.  Your family and children are always at the heart of everything that we do.

We understand that any type of family breakdown can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved.  We would always recommend that you look at legal advice earlier rather than later, so that you have all the facts available to you to help start resolving the issues you are facing.  Whilst it can be a volatile time in your life we would always encourage you to be focussed and to try to stay as calm as possible, so you can see the bigger picture and long term resolutions, rather than just the here and now.  Don’t be led by animosity or bitterness, or let them get in the way of you making rational decisions with long term consequences – you don’t want them coming back to bite you in the future!  Using our unique legal and psychological approach we can help you to start off in a positive way and equip you with the right tools to continue this way throughout your case, until we reach a successful conclusion.

In all cases where there are children involved then their welfare and best interests should absolutely be the first thing to take into consideration when making any decisions or arrangements.  Children are the ones whose lives will be most affected by a family breakdown and they will carry any negativity, or resentment into their futures so you MUST put their thoughts and feelings above yours, no matter how hard it may be.  A court will always put the child’s welfare as a priority in any decision they are asked to make, so you should too.

We would encourage you not to enter into any proceedings expecting the same outcome as your friend, relative, neighbour etc. achieved.  Every single case is unique and has its own differences to another.  What worked well for other people will not necessarily work for your situation.  Everybody’s time, finances, parenting abilities etc.is different and we can help you through that to a successful conclusion.  No two cases are ever the same, they may share similarities, but they are always inherently different and you will always be treated as an individual.  As experienced family law Guildford Surrey solicitors we can advise you on every area that you need guidance or support with and be there to answer all your questions.

When you enter into any legal discussions we will always advise you to be completely honest with all the information you are required to disclose.  If you hide anything, or bend the truth however slightly, it can cause you problems in the future when you are found out.  You may think you can keep some things hidden i.e. financial, work commitments etc. but things tend to have a habit of being discovered and this can have major repercussions on your situation and how it is resolved.  You could find yourself significantly out of pocket as a result, or even having contact with your children cut etc.  Just don’t do it and your case will be resolved quicker and with less animosity for everyone.

If there are children involved within the break up then you will be dealing with the other parent throughout that child’s life, so it make sense to try to behave in an adult fashion with each other and prepare a non-combative environment from which to build on for the future.  We aren’t talking about being each other’s besties here, just that if you maintain a hostile relationship nobody will benefit and every decision you will ever need to make jointly will always be confrontational and divisive, something we will actively encourage you not to be.  We appreciate it works both ways and this is where our unique joint legal and psychological approach has proven results to enable both parties to reach a state in their relationship, where all decisions can be made from a level playing field and with mutual agreement in a non-combative way.  You both made the children, so why wouldn’t you want to co-parent them together in the most effective and responsible manner that you can?

We can also help you to see the bigger picture, when you may be focussing on the immediate future.  We will help you to see which discussions need to happen and which ones you can let go.  We will use all of our experience in this family law Guildford area to show you that whilst the children’s welfare must come first you will also need to look at your future interests too and prioritise your future needs.  Many people come to the table wanting short term gains but do not look at the future i.e. pensions or savings etc.  We will fully discuss with you every area that you may not have even thought about and make sure that you are protected, not just for now, but into your future also.  We also appreciate that sometimes in a family breakdown it is in everyone’s best interests to just see how things pan out, without the need for potential damaging or expensive court action.  Obviously the opposite is also true and sometimes there is no choice but to take legal action to protect you and your situation.  We can be relied upon to give the very best advice you need to help you decide which course of action is right for you and your family.

At Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we will help you to look to the future, rather than the past and help you to all move on into your new futures.

You will find us to be friendly, professional and thorough in liaising with you about your family law situation.  We will gain a thorough understanding of the details important to you and will guide and support you throughout the process.  We will keep you fully informed of the details at all times.  With many years of experience in the family law Guildford Surrey area we are best placed to help you.

Our experienced family lawyers have earned an enviable reputation for achieving excellent results on behalf of our clients and have a wide area of expertise in dealing with all the complex issues surrounding family law.  Our testimonials speak for themselves.  We aim to avoid a lengthy and costly case at this time of heightened emotions and will always act with your best interests at heart.

Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors are expert family lawyers in Guildford Surrey who have proudly been helping individuals and families for many years to achieve positive and favourable solutions to their family law matters.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialist family law solicitors, please call us on 01483 826470

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