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Manifesto for Family Law Launched

Family law organisation Resolution has launched its Manifesto for Family Law, calling for widespread changes to the laws affecting divorce and separation.

The Manifesto urges the next Government to facilitate change in six key areas in order to:

  • “Protect vulnerable people going through separation
  • Introduce measures to keep divorce out of court
  • Introduce a Parenting Charter to help parents understand their responsibilities when they separate
  • Allow people to divorce without blame
  • Help people understand how their divorce will affect their future finances
  • Provide at least basic legal rights for couples who live together if they separate”

“Divorce can be one of the most traumatic life events a family can go through, and we all have a responsibility to ensure it’s dealt with in a way that minimises conflict, encourages amicable solutions where possible, and – most importantly – puts the needs of children first,” explained Resolution chair Jo Edwards.

“The fact is that despite the family justice system going through a period of huge transformation in recent years, not least with the devastating cuts to legal aid, the laws governing it are woefully outdated, inadequate and unfair to many people,” she added.

“With nearly a quarter of a million people getting divorced each year and around 100,000 children seeing their parents divorce, our laws are in desperate need of change,” she concluded.

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