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Choosing a Divorce Solicitors Guildford

Choosing a Divorce Solicitors Guildford

It is a sad statistic that one in three marriages today will end in divorce and you will need to look at choosing a Divorce Solicitors Guildford to help you through the process. Whether you have decided to separate and are looking to arrange an informal separation agreement for the time being, or whether you have decided that a full divorce is the only solution, then we are here to help.


Solicitors tend to specialise in one area of the law and you will need a solicitor that specialises in Family or matrimonial law. A solicitor that deals mainly with house purchases for instance, may be able to give you general advice, but as family law is not their area of expertise, or an area they deal with every day, they will not be fully conversant or trained, in all the legalities and may ultimately cost you more money as they have to research aspects they are not readily familiar with.  A Family Solicitor will be fully qualified and specifically trained to deal with all areas within family law, including financial affairs, children and all areas relevant to your personal situation. Whilst your personal situation is unique to you, it will have similarities to other situations they will have encountered previously. Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we are well versed in ALL areas of the law surrounding Family Law and will help you throughout your Divorce Solicitors Guildford process.

You will find yourself swamped with information from well meaning friends and family at this time, some from personal experience and some not, but you should listen to the advice of your solicitor who will know all the facts of your case and then decide how you wish to proceed. If you do not feel a connection with your solicitor upon your initial meeting, you are not obligated to instruct them to act on your behalf, you are quite entitled to look for someone else to act in your best interests.

You will probably have seen that you can get divorced online. Many people wrongly assume that this will save them lots of money.  Whilst the internet can be an excellent resource for information you should keep in mind that all divorce documents can be downloaded, or are available from your local court, completely free of charge. Many online companies will charge you, sometimes exorbitant, fees for these. Although these documents come with clear instructions on how to fill them in you would benefit from consulting with a solicitor to ensure they are completed correctly and that you are protected from anything in the future. At Divorce Solicitors Guildford we will check that it is all legally correct for you. Another thing people aren't aware of is the documents are completed online, but the divorce itself still has to go through the court process to become legal and binding. All the documents will have to go through the court process.

You may have decided to go down the route of a separation instead. To obtain a legal separation you will need to fill in a separation petition and send it to the court. A legal separation will allow you to live apart without ending the marriage or civil partnership. You can ask for a legal separation for the same reasons as a divorce, i.e. unreasonable behaviour or adultery. There are many reasons why you may want a legal separation - you may want a legal separation on religious grounds, if you have been married for less than a year, or if you simply want time to see if the marriage has irretrievably broken down and you may want to work out if you wish to end the marriage. To file for a legal separation you will not need to prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. If you do decide to divorce at a later date, then this agreement will usually form the basis of the divorce. This is the very reason why good legal advice is vital, as you don't want to agree something at this stage that you may not want to continue into divorce proceedings.

It is important that you take some time to consider your future needs and seek the advice of a qualified family law solicitor before you commit yourself to any agreement. Court orders for things like transfer of property cannot usually be amended once they have been made. The timing and wording of all agreements is absolutely crucial and in some cases, can be time specific too. You may find, if you file some documents late, that you can lose your rights to some financial orders. Again, as expert Divorce Solicitors Guildford will be able to guide you through this process and help you to work out the right path for you.

We would always recommend choosing a Solicitors who will provide you with honest, straight forward advice, who always has your best interests at heart and who will help guide you through the minefield of legalities at this sensitive time. You will not always feel like you do now and with the benefit of hindsight you will see that good quality legal advice at this stage, will both benefit and protect you for the future too.

For all your Divorce Solicitors Guildford questions, we are here for you and happy to help put your mind at rest throughout the process. Contact us on 01483 826 470 and let us help you.

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