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Four in Five back “No Fault” Divorces

More than 80% of respondents to a poll regarding “no fault” divorces have stated that they believe the law should be changed to allow such divorces to occur.

According to the survey, more than four out of five believed that the law should be changed to grant blame free divorces following the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage.

The survey, which was carried out by an online research organisation, found that 85% of those questioned were in favour of a law that would allow divorce with neither party having to admit wrongdoing.

Divorce in England and Wales

Although the vast majority of those polled were in favour of blame free divorces, currently married couples seeking divorce have to provide the courts with evidence of adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation without consent.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 114,720 people divorced in England and Wales in 2013, despite fault-based petitions. It was also revealed in a separate survey from family charity Resolution that over a quarter of couples made false allegations in court to obtain a divorce. Resolution chair Jo Edwards backed the proposed changes to divorce in England and Wales saying:"We know that our current fault-based divorce system achieves nothing besides escalating conflict during divorce. It does not act as a deterrent, nor does it help couples to salvage their marriage.

"If MPs are serious about reducing family conflict and the trauma that can be caused by divorce, I would urge them to support the bill as a welcome step towards removing the requirement of fault from divorce.

"Removing the blame from divorce would help couples who both wish to bring their relationship to a dignified conclusion and move on with their lives without the need for accusatory mud-slinging.

“This outdated system needs urgent revision – a civilised society deserves a civilised divorce process."

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