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Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, we are an experienced and professional Divorce solicitors Guildford, and as such we understand that going through a divorce can be an extremely intense and emotionally draining experience, that can turn a normally calm and rational person into someone they don't recognise in themselves.


No-one enters into a marriage expecting it to end a few months or years later, so dealing with these newfound emotions can come as an unwelcome surprise when the decision has been made to end the marriage.  In the same way no-one starting divorce proceedings realistically expects it to all be plain sailing, easy or pleasant, but that does not mean that you are expected to put up with bad behaviour, verbal abuse or harassment from your soon to be ex partner.

Anger, frustration and annoyance are all feelings to be expected, on both sides, once divorce proceedings have been started.  But if one party strays from this normal path of expected anger, onto a path of abuse and/or harassment, then the other party can take steps to ensure this behaviour does not escalate, or continue, during the divorce process, or after the divorce has been finalised.

As expert Divorce solicitors in Guildford we can help you through all aspects of your divorce and answer any questions you may have. We have helped many clients to successful resolutions of their cases and have many years of experience in this field.  Our testimonials speak for themselves.

As verbal abuse doesn't leave any visual marks on the body, or cause actual physical pain, it can be harder to recognise than other types of abuse.  Verbal abuse can take many forms, but will most commonly be by somebody attempting to threaten, belittle, scare, or embarrass you.  They may also be attempting to control you by the way they speak to you and the words they use.  Verbal abuse is very often the first step to physical abuse, so it is not something to be taken lightly.  If your ex partner is behaving in a way that makes you feel inadequate, inferior, or threatened in any way, then you could be the victim of verbal abuse and need to seek legal advice promptly.

Harassment can also arise as part of divorce proceedings, or indeed after the divorce has been finalised.  It can take many forms, one of which can also be verbal abuse.  Harassment is defined as when someone behaves in a way that makes you feel distressed, humiliated or threatened.  The abuser will try to intimidate, or cause emotional harm, to their victim on both a regular basis and over a sustained period of time.

This behaviour includes things like:
Verbal abuse and threats to either the victim and/or their family and friends.
Unwanted phone calls, texts, emails or visits.
Online bullying, for example through social media posts.
Actual damage to your property, for example graffiti, broken windows etc.
Getting angry in a way that makes you fearful and afraid.
Insulting, belittling or yelling at you.
Making decisions for you.
Threats to harm themselves if you don't conform to their wishes.
Accusing you of being unfaithful persistently and without cause.

If any of the above behaviours are being displayed consistently during your divorce process, then there are good grounds for a harassment case to be started.  You will need to seek legal advice promptly and will be encouraged to document all incidences of abusive behaviour.  This can be by making a note of dates, times, conversations etc.  Additionally screenshots, witness statements and photographic evidence will all be extremely beneficial in helping to add weight to your case and will help to strengthen it too.

You should seek legal advice quickly if any abusive or harassment behaviours are becoming commonplace in your divorce proceedings.  As expert divorce solicitors Guildford, we can help you through any questions you may have surrounding this sensitive area and will treat you with the utmost respect and sensitivity during this time.

If you are finding that your ex partner is becoming abusive towards you and/or your children during your proceedings, we can help to protect you quickly, usually by helping you to obtain an injunction.  This means the court would make an order, or injunction, that the person harassing you must immediately cease that behaviour.  If they do not comply with the order and continue to harass you, after the court has issued the order, then they are commiting a criminal offence and can be arrested.  These types of orders will offer you the protection and security you will need during the divorce process, to protect both you and your children from these types of threats.  An order can be put into place very quickly and they are proven to be extremely effective in stopping both violent or threatening behaviour.  As Divorce Solicitors Guildford we can help to guide you through this time, in a sensitive and professional manner.

If your ex partner is demonstrating harassing or abusive behaviours it can have an impact on the courts decision when they are deciding any parental responsibility issues.  The courts will always put the welfare of the children above anything else, so if there is an harassment issue ongoing, it may well negatively impact the perpetrator.  This could mean one parent being granted sole primary custody, or a parent losing their right to see their children.

Whilst divorce can bring out the worst in people and you will find yourselves dealing with different and unexpected emotions, there is no excuse for anyone to put up with harassment or abusive behaviour from their ex partner.  Seek legal advice promptly and let us help you through this situation in a calm, sensitive and professional manner.  We can help you protect you and your loved ones at this time and will help guide you through all the legal side so you understand all your options.

Every persons circumstances will obviously be different, but communication is key and you need to put both your own and your children’s best interests at the heart of every decision you make. We can help with all aspects of Divorce and Family law.

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