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Marriage Age can Affect Risk of Divorce

The age that you get married can have an impact on whether your marriage will end in divorce, according to a new study from the United States.

The study, by a researcher at the University of Utah, found that people who get married after their early 30s are at greater risk of divorce than those who tie the knot in their late 20s.

People who get married before the age of 32 apparently have their risk of divorce decrease by 11% for each additional year of age at marriage.

However, for people who get married later than their early 30s, the risk of divorce goes up by 5% per year of age at marriage. Unfortunately, the study was not able to offer an explanation as to why this might be so.

“This is a big change. To the best of my knowledge, it’s only recently that 30-something marriage started to incur a higher divorce risk,” commented University of Utah researcher Nick Wolfinger. “It appears to be a trend that’s gradually developed over the past 20 years: A study based on 2002 data observed that the divorce risk for people who married in their 30s was flattening out, rather than continuing to decline through that decade of life as it previously had.”

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