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The emotional impact of children moving away

We live in an increasingly globalised and fast-paced society. It is more common than ever for us to move overseas to work, and marriages between partners of different nationalities are on the increase. This creates obvious problems where children are concerned. While me may hope that our moves abroad, and our marriages, are permanent, often our work situation changes or our relationships break down. In these types of situation, children can become the subject of custody disputes of a transnational (or perhaps even just trans-regional) character. One partner may wish to return to their native land (or indeed remain in an adopted homeland) when a relationship breaks down.

In these situations, the law usually interposes a remedy which dictates where the children are to go, and with whom. However, what of the emotional aspects? The legal solution may be straightforward, but the solution to the emotional impact (on all involved) is likely to much more complex. In a recent article the site www.separateddads.co.uk proposes some ideas which help. Among these ideas are suggestions for how to pursue the matter in court, wither by attempting to halt the move, or by arranging contact agreements. Obvioulsy every situation is different, but whatever route you choose, it pays to be represented by family law experts.

If you need legal advice on separation, child custody, divorce or any other family law matter, contact us today. We pride ourselves on our novel, strategic approach which is about dealing with relationships as much as black-letter law. Get in touch.

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