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Calls for Modernisation of Divorce Law

Experts have called for MPs to back the No Fault Divorce Bill when it receives its second reading in March. Attitudes to marriage in the UK has changed significantly with almost 50% of all divorces ending in divorce.

Financial freedom, access to education, advances in technology and moves towards gender equality have been cited as some of the major factors in the changing attitude to divorce in the UK. It is hoped that the new bill which is being suggested looks to take into account the numerous changes in divorce law in the UK as well as keep up with modern society.

Fronted by Richard Bacon, family law experts have called for the bill to be backed and passed to modernise divorce law in England and Wales. The current law regarding divorce was passed in 1973 with numerous attempts to revolutionise the process failing over the last few decades.

Divorce in the UK: Outdated Divorce System

In England and Wales, the only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, which is supported by a number of facts such as adultery and other faults. According to research carried out by Resolution in June 2015, half of all divorce petitions were fault-based either citing unreasonable behaviour or adultery.

Under these grounds, divorce could be carried out in a quick fashion, however of those requests, 27% said that the fault alleged wasn't true but was the easiest option.

The new bill if passed will result in making it easier to obtain a blame-free divorce with no couple directly at fault for the split.

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