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Divorce Expert Warns About Social Media use During Divorce

A divorce expert has warned of the dangers that can arise from using social media when going through a divorce. A representative of Consensus Collaboration has stated that social media posts could affect both the financial and emotional outcome of a separation.

Anne-Marie Douglas, a member of Consensus Collaboration, a group that promotes limited conflict during a divorce, stated that a break from social media is highly advised.

She also warned that social media is having a significantly bigger impact on the number of divorces with Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter leading to more arguments. She said: “We would advise couples going through a divorce or separation to log out of all your profiles and take a break from social media activity while you go through the process.

“We appreciate that this isn’t always possible or practical. If you do continue to use social media websites and online chat apps while you’re getting divorced or separated, we would suggest caution, discretion and good judgement.”

Danger of Social Media when Obtaining a Divorce

Social media can have a significant impact on divorce, and many aspects of a digital footprint can become a major issue, with some information used against a former partner when going through a split. Applications such as Facebook and Twitter can offer a trail of evidence that can have a significant impact on financial claims or could lead to a conflict.

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