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Help with a divorce from an expert solicitor in Guildford, Surrey

Help with a divorce from an expert solicitor in Guildford, Surrey

Here at Gregorian Emerson we are expert divorce solicitors in Guildford, Surrey and can help you with all aspects of your case.

If you are considering a divorce or a separation from your spouse, then you would be well advised to contact a solicitor. If you are just trying to reach an informal separation agreement between yourselves, then each of you will still need to have a solicitor check over the details to make sure that each of you are protected in the future and that the agreement is legal.  A separation agreement will set out the things agreed between you both, so that you are both able move forward whilst acknowledging your individual responsibilities. If you do go on to divorce in the future, then this agreement would usually form the basis of the settlement in the divorce. This is why it is essential to obtain good legal advice from the beginning.

The manner of the dissolution of the marriage/relationship, itself, will dictate the chances of a successful outcome in any subsequent children or financial dispute. Our joint legal and psychological approach avoids the most frequent criticism of family lawyers: that through their aggressive, blaming and legalistic approach, the levels of acrimony between the former spouses/partners are elevated to such a degree that entrenched positions, no consensus and increased legal costs become inevitable. 

There are many types of solicitors available and you will need to choose one that specialises in family or matrimonial law.

Even if you are very well organised and your case is very straightforward, you will still need at least one consultation with a family law solicitor. This is a good way to avoid problems that may come up in the future, as we can talk you through the process and things to expect along the journey. Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors can also help with mediation using our unique legal and psychological approach to your individual case. This is proven to help both parties when there has been a breakdown of communication and will also help you both to move forward and to be able to communicate with each other effectively. In certain cases our ability to improve communication and understanding of the underlying dispute, has been so effective that, where appropriate, clients may also get the opportunity to reconcile the relationship or, at least, co-parent and communicate effectively into the future. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

We will always provide you with reliable advice and help you resolve your situation in a constructive and sensitive way. We understand that when any decision needs to be made, it needs to be made by you. We will talk you through all the consequences of these decisions before you make them.

With the benefit of hindsight, you would realise how important this stage of your life is, especially if it has been a long marriage or if there are children involved. You should consider professional legal advice to protect yourself now and in the future.

We are fully qualified to advise you about your legal situation along with advice about your financial and family commitments. Your situation will always be unique to us, although there are many issues which share similarities to other situations. We are used to most of the problems that can be encountered through your divorce and can talk you through all stages of your case.

Some of the things we will discuss initially with you and any documents it would be helpful to bring are listed below. Don’t panic if you cannot provide them all at the initial meeting,

  1. 1. Your name, address, phone number, contact details and date of birth/s for you and your spouse.
    2. The names, dates of birth of your children and details of their schools.
    3. Your marriage certificate.
    4. Details about any employment you both have.
    5. An estimate of the value of your property/properties and mortgages/loans, together with details of the lender/s.
    6. Details of any other assets, including pensions.
    7. List your debts if you have any and include credit and store card details.
    8. An indication of your outgoings.
    9. If you have already separated, the date and any relevant details. Also copies of any correspondence received.
    10. If either of you have been married before, provide details about the divorce and any court orders made at that time.
    11. Any other details you may think appropriate, such as any specific medical conditions in the family, how long you have lived in the area and whether you have family and friends close by. Do you or your spouse have a new relationship?


If your divorce is not complicated and both parties co-operate, the legal divorce will, on average take around six months. Some divorces may take slightly less time and some, especially where there are complications or non co-operation, can take a lot longer. The emotional side of divorce can take a long time and this is where early mediation can be really valuable and help you to move forward into your new future. We also offer additional psychological support in individual cases where clients require it to enable them to engage in the dispute and manage the emotional impact. Try to remember that this stage of your life will finish and things will become easier. You will be able to close the door behind it and move on into a brighter and happier future.

If you need help with a divorce from a solicitor in Guildford, Surrey then we are here to help and look forward to your call.

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