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Why Do Divorce Rates Rise in January?

The first working day of January is often dubbed as D-day by the media because it is one of the busiest days for divorce lawyers due to a large number of divorce enquiries.

January can be one of the most difficult months as you return to work and everyday issues following the Christmas period. However, the Festive Period can also highlight issues in relationships. The research found that one in five married people consider separating from their partner after spending time together during the festive period.

According to the research, divorce solicitor enquiries are 27% higher in January than in the average month. With resolutions often made in the New Year, many couples also decide that it is time for a fresh start in their relationship.January is often seen as the perfect time for a fresh start in relationships.

Is It Worth Staying Together?

While many couples try to use the Festive Period to reconcile. Others stay together for the sake of their children. However, a recent study by family group Resolution found that in a vast number of cases it is not beneficial to stay together for the sake of children.

A survey from the organisation questioned 14 to 22-year-olds who had been through a parental separation on the impact of divorce on them. Surprisingly the poll showed that 82% of the young people surveyed said that they would prefer that unhappy parents split up rather than stay together for their sake.

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