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Early Dispute Resolution Key to a Peaceful Christmas

While Christmas may seem a good while away, separated parents anxious about where their child will spend Christmas are being urged to take action now and set up a basic parenting plan.

The advice comes from the National Family Mediation charity with the charity insisting that a simple plan regarding child care can result in a peaceful and more enjoyable Christmas.

Dispute Resolution

The charity claims that a simple plan that sets out where the children will be throughout the holidays will provide clarification in advance for both parents. As a result of this, the plan will hopefully reduce the risk of conflict and distress over Christmas and New Year.

Such early dispute resolution/mediation can result in a stress-free holiday season and could also be employed throughout the year if successful. Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation said: “Reminders that Christmas is fast approaching are all around us, but many separated families are dreading December, and with good reason.

“Living arrangements that work well all year can be exposed as inadequate, and there can be turmoil for pick-ups and drop-offs when children need to visit relatives they haven’t seen for the past year.”

“A positive parenting plan, agreed by both parents, is easier to achieve than many people think."

Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that is available to separating couples involving the two parties discussing their situation and reaching an agreement with the assistance of a the mediator. Mediation is used to help resolve all disputes that arise out of divorce or separation and save on legal costs.

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