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Looking for a leading divorce lawyers Guildford? Then look no further...

Looking for a leading divorce lawyers Guildford? Then look no further...

If you are considering a divorce it is absolutely essential you have access to outstanding legal advice and, as leading divorce lawyers Guildford, here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we pride ourselves on providing you with up to date and easy to understand legal advice. We use our own unique legal and psychological approach to gain an in depth analysis of your situation, enabling us to fully understand your dispute and be best placed to help advise you on the way forward.

Trying to avoid a troublesome divorce experience

Divorce solicitors Guildford and trying to avoid a troublesome divorce experience.

When considering a divorce lawyers in Guildford it is essential to find someone who can offer you outstanding, professional and easy to understand legal advice.  Here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors, we use our own unique legal and psychological approach, combined with in depth analysis to fully understand your dispute and deliver tailored advice pertaining to your individual case.

Our most frequently asked questions and answers

Our most frequently asked questions and answers


As experienced divorce lawyers in Guildford we totally understand that the enforced lock down situation has had an impact on many families, not all of it favourable, with many couples now seeking our help.

Supporting your Children through the Divorce Process

Supporting your children through the divorce process

When considering a divorce, here at Gregorian Emerson Family Law Solicitors we understand the need for outstanding legal advice and as experienced divorce lawyers in Guildford, we are on hand to provide you with clear, expert advice combining our unique psychological approach and in depth analysis to really help us understand your dispute.

Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements Hit the Headlines

The lives of celebrities, and in particular their marriages and divorces, are a popular source of news stories for many media outlets, and any report of an imminent wedding or relationship split is often accompanied by speculation over whether or not the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement.

Holidays can Place Additional Strain on Relationships

Family law organisation Resolution has recently highlighted the additional stress that the summer holiday period can place on a couple’s relationship. In some cases, this increased tension can bring a relationship to breaking point.

Women Win Right to Revisit Divorce Settlements

The UK Supreme Court has found in favour of two women who were seeking the right to have their divorce settlements reopened, reports the Guardian.

Why Do Divorce Rates Rise in January?

The first working day of January is often dubbed as D-day by the media because it is one of the busiest days for divorce lawyers due to a large number of divorce enquiries.

Too Many Couples are in Distressed Relationships

As many as 2.87 million people across the UK are living in relationships which would be described within clinical practice as distressed, according a new study by relationship charity Relate. This amounts to 18% of married or cohabiting couples and 1.4 million UK families.

Summer Holidays can put a Strain on Relationships

The summer holidays can be a stressful time for families, putting additional strain on relationships that might already be troubled.

New Research into Likelihood of Divorce

Couples who marry after their first child is born now stay together at the same rate as those who marry before the child arrives, according to new research presented to the Council on Contemporary Families.

Removing Conflict from Divorce

A recent study from Australia has highlighted that the stereotype of divorces being lengthy and hostile disputes is often not realistic and that many divorcing couples actually adopt a pragmatic approach to resolving property settlements.

Number of Elderly Divorces Increased

The number of elderly divorces has increased at the same time that overall divorce rates have fallen according to the latest findings.

No “Gay Adultery” Law in the UK

A woman was unable to divorce her husband citing adultery because he had affairs with men rather than those of the opposite sex.

New funding to support separated couples

The government has recently announced that it will be supporting ten new projects to help separated couples resolve grievances and agree financial and parenting arrangements in their children's best interests.

Marriage Age can Affect Risk of Divorce

The age that you get married can have an impact on whether your marriage will end in divorce, according to a new study from the United States.

Government Urged to Increase Relationship Support Funding

A group of charities, MPs and leading academics have called on the Government to do more to tackle family breakdown by tripling the current funding for preventative relationship support to £22 million. The call follows recent recognition from the Government that family breakdown is one of the root causes of child poverty.

Research Reveals Impact of Divorce on the Over 50s

The latest statistics on divorce from the Office for National Statistics revealed that despite an overall drop in the number of divorces, the numbers divorcing in the over-50 age group have actually risen over the past decade.

Four in Five back “No Fault” Divorces

More than 80% of respondents to a poll regarding “no fault” divorces have stated that they believe the law should be changed to allow such divorces to occur.

Financial Impact of Divorce Lasts into Retirement

It is widely recognised that divorce can have a negative impact on a couple’s finances, but people are possibly less aware of how far reaching this impact can actually be.

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